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Hannah Gaengler + Jeremy Hartley

UNToLD is a studio that appropriates strategies from landscape architecture to the design of fictional worlds, games, films and other forms of media.

At the core of their practice is the belief that processes from ecology (the study of interconnected systems) and landscape (the study of indeterminate space) are cross-disciplinary and culturally relevant. UNToLD challenges current aesthetics and pedagogy to expand the application of landscape architecture into unassociated fields. The studio’s unorthodox approach has independently landed them collaborations and work associated with Sundance, ONX (New Inc Museum), The Miami Film Festival, Mellon Foundation, and the Alfred P Sloan Foundation.

At the same time, the studio is introducing landscape architects to workflows from outside the discipline. They have taught workshops and lectured at SCI-Arc, Harvard, UVA, UBC, among others. Currently, UNToLD is applying their practice to the research of darkness, non-traditional ecologies, fictional spaces, and [insert another compelling term].