ARCHIVE OF TREES Picea abies 'Cobra'

Norway Spruce ‘Cobra’

Picea abies ‘Cobra’ is an extremely lazy cultivar of the Norway spruce. If not staked its inclination is to remain a puddle on the ground. The name cobra comes from when it out grows its stake the leader flops over and resembles a threatened cobra snake.

Common name
Norway Spruce
Scientific Name
Picea abies
Iseli Nursery
Super Lazy
The story of Norway Spruce ‘Cobra’

Once upon a time, in a vast forest, there lived a tree named Cobra. Cobra was not an ordinary tree, he was a Norway Spruce, but unlike his fellow spruces, he was super lazy. He barely lifted his branches, and his needles were always droopy, making him look like a slouching teenager who just couldn‘t be bothered.

One day, a group of tourists came to the forest. They were amazed by the beauty of the towering trees, but when they saw Cobra, they couldn‘t help but laugh. ‘Why is that tree so lazy?‘ one of them asked.

Cobra overheard them and sighed, ‘I‘m not lazy, I‘m just conserving my energy.‘

The tourists were surprised to hear the tree speak, but they listened intently as Cobra continued, ‘You see, my species is known for growing fast and tall, but then we burn out quickly. I don‘t want that kind of life. I want to take it easy and enjoy the little things.‘

The tourists were impressed by Cobra‘s wisdom, and they started to appreciate him for who he was. They even started to call him the ‘Super Lazy Norway Spruce.‘

Years went by, and the forest changed. The other trees grew taller, but Cobra stayed the same. He was content with his slow pace, and he spent his days watching the animals and insects that lived around him.

One day, a fierce storm hit the forest. The wind was so strong that it uprooted many of the tall trees, but Cobra stood his ground. His low, lazy posture actually helped him withstand the storm, as he had a lower center of gravity and was less likely to snap like his taller neighbors.

The other trees were amazed and grateful for Cobra‘s resilience. They realized that sometimes, being lazy and taking it slow can actually be an advantage.

From then on, Cobra was no longer known as the lazy tree, but as the wise tree who taught everyone the value of taking it easy and conserving one‘s energy. And he remained a beloved member of the forest, a testament to the fact that sometimes, the slow and steady really do win the race.